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No place has seen the human endurance like a hospital. The willpower, the grit, the tenacity of staying on course and the power of preparation aided by the medical science has achieved remarkable stories of survival and success. At KD Hospital we salute this human spirit and to pay our respects, we are celebrating it with an event that matches the grit and the glory of human spirit like nothing else can - KD Marathon!
On the sports field, Marathon is one true test of human endurance and capacity to push the body to its max fighting ability. At KD Hospital, we wish to take our responsibility of healthcare to the next level by anticipating where the damage control has to be done and how!

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About Race Director - Lihas Trivedi

  • For those into long distance running, Lihas Trivedi is a well known name in the community with many firsts to his name in world of Marathons in India & abroad!
  • Lihas Trivedi is the Founder President of enthusiastic runner group ADR-Amdavad Distance Runners and was instrumental in introducing Marathon to Ahmedabad in 2010 in close association with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
  • He has directed multitude of Races varying from Marathons, Duathlons & Triathlons with participation ranging from 2000 to 75000 participants!
  • As Race Director KD Marathon, Lihas Trivedi will guide the marathon as well as the participants in Pre Marathon Workshops to get set and win...